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Pukka TV is the limited company representing Scott Thomas, a highly experienced video editor based in London, England. 

As an online editor I have made shows for every major UK broadcaster and many of the minor ones. Unusually, I quite enjoy doing all those fiddly online bits like blurring, captioning and fixing Harding failures (“enjoy” probably the wrong word here). Happy to grade within Avid (Symphony option preferably) and with DaVinci Resolve for more problematic corrections. With a background in sound I produce excellent sound mixes and carry iZotope RX noise sweetening software that can be plugged into any edit suite.

As an offline editor I’m very experienced in multi-camera productions, particularly quiz and game shows and music events.

With production/direction experience I’m is also available for high quality preditor/educer work.



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Time lapse bridges the gap between video and stills and I have an large stock collection of London time lapse clips available to download at London Timelapse as well as on Shutterstock and Pond 5. I can also take on time lapse projects if required. Material from Belfast, Birmingham, Durham and Bath also available.